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At Mahindra car Showroom , StarMotors 1st selection Services we try to supply the most effective levels of service to any or all our customers making certain they fancy secure and pleasant driving expertise. We also provide an intensive vary of automobile repair services for cars of all makes and models all beneath one roof. So StarMotors is heaving great staff. Also we provide featured and good services. Because they believe customer satisfaction. Also they work on customer happiness.
We also tend to specialize in automobile services together with wheel alignment service, automobile body repair, engine repair, denting and painting, brake repair and automobile grooming and road aspect help and for a lot of. So Our extremely skilled and trained mechanics use the most effective quality merchandise combined with the latest techniques for all automobile repair services. And With well-equipped car service stations and fully trained mechanics, also we provide quality services with excellent packages that are designed to offer you great savings.

car regular checkup and pms service

Preventive Maintenance Service

Fine and running, we offer a daily check-up which is able to avoid your automobile from facing larger issues. Also, cheering up your automobile with routine services can cause higher performance reciprocally.And Preventive Maintenance Service or (Regular new Car check up ) Includes Following services.
1]Battery and Cables 2] Drive Belts
3]Engine and Gearbox mounting
4]Transmission fluid

5]Dashboard Indicators
6]Engine Oil and Oil filter
10]Spark Plugs
11]Air filter
12]Fuel filter
13]Exhaust System

all car care service

Car Care

StarMotors offers car washing and cleaning services. Wash your car with the right suds. Even though liquid dish soap is a great degreaser. Yes, it removes dirt, grease and old wax. So Wash your car and makeover it. We offer quick car cleaning and detailing services to restore the look of your vehicle. Also, Our skilled technicians use 100% original products with a maximum turnaround time of 4 hours*. Keep up your vehicle's visual and useful style is by benefiting the best car washing services in your city. Also, the vehicle looks change through the cleaning system for the insides just as the outsides of your car that takes care of obstinate stains and making your vehicle/ car look all around great. An exemplary vehicle wash and auto specifying administration incorporate vehicle inside vacuum cleaning, vehicle situate cleaning, upholstery cleaning, windshield cleaning, use of wax covering, and tire and guard dressings. Rather than looking for vehicle cleaning and specifying close me, connect with Car Fit Experts conveying the best cleaning outcomes for your vehicle. It Includes Car Foot Mats Cleaning Car Dashboard Conditioning Car Dashboard Basic Cleaning Car Seat Dry-cleaning Upholstery Cleaning and, Indoor Glass & Side Panels​

ac repairing service

Air Conditioning System

The car AC system removes heat and moisture from the Passenger compartment. Also, it makes a difference to us that your vehicle takes you to your goals securely just as easily and we are here to deal with it for you. Air Conditioning is an important feature of every vehicle. because it feels comfortable at the driving time. Mahindra Showroom, StarMotors provide the air conditioning repairing services. Ac repairing is also important to maintain car temperature. So AC should be in good condition. Because if Ac good you feel good and drive properly. Also happily and with concentrate. Because if Ac good you feel good and drive properly. Also happily and with concentrate. Because when you feel good so you feel comfortable and drive properly. So you can visit StarMotors and take bits of help to repair AC.

body repair service

Car Dent Repair and Painting Services

It matters to that your automotive takes you to your destinations safely furthermore as swimmingly and that we are here to care of it for you. Mahindra Showroom and Dealer, StarMotor provide the services related to repairing the damaged car and painting the car. we provide car dent service and also painting services.Car dent helps to cover damaged car parts. So whenever car getting damaged do car dent. Also, you can do the car painting. So to know more about this click below button. Painting service makes your car beautiful and attractive. Because with the help of painting your car will be looks new. So always prefer painting services. Also if any stretch on-vehicle so prefer car dent repairing service. And to look good vehicle is the dream of every car owner. So as a car owner you need to take care of it. And give attention to your vehicle.  

accesories service


Each vehicle proprietor wants to influence their vehicle to show up class separated with the goal that the vehicle can get some jealous looks. And Mahindra Car Showroom, StarMotor provide the accessories for your vehicle. Accessories are very important for your car/vehicle. By using appropriate accessories vehicle getting a good and classy look. And also accessories give rich look to the vehicle. Because proper Accessories give that rich impact. So choose better and proper accessories with us. So choosing the proper accessories like art. So our expert team will help you. So please visit our website and visit our showroom. Range of Accessories: 1]Floor Mats - (3D and PVC) and 2]Steering Wheel Cover - (In various 20 multi-color combinations for hatchback and sedan)

wheel care service

Wheel Care

Appropriate car wheel alignment ensures the durability of the wheel. So the wheels of your vehicle need ordinary consideration and care. Because Wheels get harmed because of awful streets and pot openings prompting misalignment. So, Vehicle's wheel should be fit n fine. Mahindra showroom, StarMotors provide wheel care services. The wheels of your car need regular attention and care. Because wheels get damaged due to bad roads and potholes leading to misalignment. So This affects the drive and safety on the roads. We at MFCS help you maximize the life of your car wheels by offering a wide array of wheel care services. We also specialize in car wheel alignment service wherein our experts use the latest technology. Also our trained staff will take good care.And they help you to in selection. So visit StarMotors.

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