car regular checkup and pms service

Preventive Maintenance Service


Basic preventative maintenance Service includes regular services, inspections.  It repairs that prevent problems, such as lubrication and adjustments and cleaning, testing, and replacement of damaged parts. To keep vehicle in good position pms is important. In other words PMS means regular check-up of vehicle. Regular check-up helps to maintain resale value of vehicle. As a car owner you need to do PMS.  So to take care of vehicle regular check-up of vehicle is necessary. Because it will help you to take care of your vehicle health. This is really important. This is helpful. StarMotors provide PMS service to new vehicle.  So do PMS regularly. And make your vehicle health always good.

It Includes: 

  • Regular Oil Change:  
  • You buy a new car and asked for a vehicle to an auto repair shop or car dealership for an oil change when the odometer clocks 1000km. You can’t wait for your odometer clock.The regular oil change is helpful to keep your vehicle in a good position. Never skip upon filter and oil quality. Because it helps to keep the engine in a good position.
  • Belt Change: 
  • To enable the car to run properly, the engine uses different types of belts. They include; Fan Belt, Timing Belt, Power Steering Belt, and The Drive Belt.
  • Unfortunately, accident happens. So if belt in good position then it helps to stay safe you. Hence belt change is necessary.
  • They quickly damaged out because the effects of regular use and constant motion causes wear and tear on these belts. Belt change helps to keep your belt in a good position.


  • Battery Replacement:
  •  Without batteries, car engines won’t start. Batteries have different life spans. They range from 12-21 months. And you don’t have to wait till your car stops running from a dead battery.  You should before thinking of getting a replacement battery for it. Most car batteries usually come with warranties as well, so to be on the safer side, having them replaced as soon as its warranty expires isn’t a bad idea.
  • Vehicle engine like a heart.  So to keep  beating it battery is important.


  • Transmission Check-up: 
  • This require to make sure your car s transmission is in good working order, regular checks, including having oil .  Transmission check includes oil and regular check up. 
  • .Periodic Brake Inspection: Brake are very important to the vehicle. So it is important to check the health of break. Regular check up is necessary. PMS includes this.
  •  Tire getting damage because of the dull road. To move vehicle properly tire should be in a good position. One of the best ways to make your tires last longer is by rotating them after every 5,000km to make to even the effects of 

Frequently Asked Question

Car owners who heed this advice get to have benefits like:

  • Driving a more reliable car
  • Longer serviceable life of a car
  • Avoid costly repairs in the long run
  • Higher car resale value
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